My name’s David, or “K” if you knew me in my old life.

A part of that old life was being a small child at the mercy of a sexual predator. As a consequence, I now live my life with the huge task of having to manage, control and alleviate the symptoms of having Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, along with social anxiety, panic disorder and major depressive disorder.

Life with PTSD isn’t easy, but it is manageable with the right mental health tools. I’m almost 40 and I’ve been learning how to manage PTSD since I was about eleven, when I decided to teach myself how to meditate, although now I think about it, some of the things I use to manage PTSD, I learned even younger.  As an adult, I’ve done ordinary CBT, trauma CBT, miCBT (mindfulness training), years of counselling, large chunks of DBT, half a degree in psychology, and I’m also in a twelve step mental health managing Program called Grow.

I think I have a lot to offer to folks who need a little help managing their PTSD. One thing I’ve noticed about CBT and DBT manuals is that there’s so much speciality language, and little to no variation on the exercises. Such as “grounding”, you’re always recommended to list five things that you can sense from each of your five senses. But they don’t really go into what grounding is, it’s purpose, and other ideas to apply the same purpose in a different way. I’m a kinethetic and visual learner, which means I don’t learn very well with words or from books, I have to see what I’m learning in my mind, or physically do it to learn it. So over the years I’ve modified the “official” ways of doing things, so that they work for me.

I imagine if I’ve had trouble with those manuals and the complicated language, that other people have too. So, once I figure out the technical details, I’d like to start a series of videos helping people to find the methods to manage their PTSD that works well for them. I want to give really practical and helpful suggestions to people.

It’s really hard trying to live a normal life with the effects of PTSD. Some people can come to a complete place of recovery, and others, like myself, are likely to always be affected in one way or another, but one thing I can promise you, is that with the right tools, you can improve your situation considerably.