Crafty Things

As a person who also suffers from chronic illness, I’m often too unwell to write but too awake to do nothing but sleep, so I’ve taught myself a number of crafty skills. The current passion is Crochet.

Learning crafty things can be hard if you’re a different kind of learner. I’m a kinesthetic and visual learner, which means I either have to be able to see it in my mind, or physically do it before it’ll stick in my brain. As a consequence I’m wanting to share in video form (once I sort out the technical details), of how I learned but from a very simple kinesthetic and visual perspective. Too many people teach things like crochet via words, via lists and patterns that often come off as some sort of encoded message to those of us who don’t learn by reading. So I’d like to start showing the basics of crochet in an easy, simplistic way, so you learn immediately how to actually MAKE something.

The first set of lessons is how to make “Granny Square” blankets/afgans. You actually only need to learn three stitches to do granny squares, so I’ll teach those in really simple, step by step format for folks.